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narc 1

 (närk) Slang
A law enforcement officer, usually one working undercover, who deals with narcotics violations.

[Short for narcotics agent.]

narc 2

 (närk) Slang
An informer; a snitch.
intr.v. narced, narc·ing, narcs
To act as an informer; snitch.
Phrasal Verb:
narc on
To give an authority information about a crime or infraction committed by (someone); inform on: He was caught dealing drugs because his roommate narced on him.

[From nark.]


slang US a narcotics agent


or nark


n. Slang.
a government narcotics agent or detective.
[1965–70, Amer.; shortening of narcotic]
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Noun1.narc - a lawman concerned with narcotics violationsnarc - a lawman concerned with narcotics violations
law officer, lawman, peace officer - an officer of the law


[nɑːk] N (US) → agente mf de la brigada de los narcóticos


n (US sl) → Rauschgiftfahnder(in) m(f)
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Ghulam Mohammad Ali has also served as Project Director National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) at NARC.
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Starting off with a Mary Quant wig and an American accent, we see Statham masquerading as part of a nasty biker gang in a job that goes wrong and ends with the narc as the target for revenge.
The concept of a cop turning a seventeen-year-old into a narc for a major drug bust, and that the kid would this accept over a minor possession charge for marijuana is far-fetched and unbelievable.
55, Nad Al Sheba) normally goes to a US-based runner, but their domination could be under threat from the South African-trained Narc this time, writes Kevin Riddle.
Mwangi Kiunjuri, deputy energy minister and one of the youthful members of the new NARC-Kenya party, has warned that "since Charity Ngilu has made it difficult for us to operate in NARC, our revenge would be to put legal roadblocks in place so that NARC is not able to field any candidate in the next general elections".
The previously dispirited Kanu leadership found a cause on which they could fight; one of the Narc government's leading lights, Raila Odinga, led a number of his colleagues against the constitution on the grounds that it would place too much power in the hands of the Presidency.
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Of course the last trick turns out to be a narc, so it's off to the juvenile hall, and it goes without saying that she never sees Ryo again.