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narc 1

 (närk) Slang
A law enforcement officer, usually one working undercover, who deals with narcotics violations.

[Short for narcotics agent.]

narc 2

 (närk) Slang
An informer; a snitch.
intr.v. narced, narc·ing, narcs
To act as an informer; snitch.
Phrasal Verb:
narc on
To give an authority information about a crime or infraction committed by (someone); inform on: He was caught dealing drugs because his roommate narced on him.

[From nark.]


slang US a narcotics agent


or nark


n. Slang.
a government narcotics agent or detective.
[1965–70, Amer.; shortening of narcotic]
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Noun1.narc - a lawman concerned with narcotics violationsnarc - a lawman concerned with narcotics violations
law officer, lawman, peace officer - an officer of the law


[nɑːk] N (US) → agente mf de la brigada de los narcóticos


n (US sl) → Rauschgiftfahnder(in) m(f)
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During the meeting it was said that the Prime Minister was asked to turn down the CDA summary for conversion of NARCs 1400 Acres research farm in to a housing scheme at the cost of national food security; rather CDA must be directed to immediately extend the NARC land lease for 90 years.
And that in a dystopian tale about Orange County narcs who wear computerized ``scramble suits'' that can change every aspect of their appearance several times a second.