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or nar·gi·le also nar·gi·leh  (när′gə-lē′)
See hookah.

[French narghilé, obsolete variant of narguilé, from Persian nārgīleh, from nārgīl, coconut (from which the receptacle was made), from Sanskrit nārikelaḥ, nālikeraḥ.]
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Citizens' appeals from Goychay were addressed to the Nargile folklore group, helping to purchase national costumes, and supplying district libraries with scientific literature.
In one of the shops, almost six kilos of nargile tobacco for which tax had not been paid was also uncovered located, as well as 88 Bluetooth devices that do not bear the CE markingto indicate that they conform with Europeanstandards.
The economy of Aberdeen may be struggling, sadly, but the quality of its dining scene remains buoyant with Number One scoring as highly as another Granite City knockout, Rendezvous at Nargile.
Many restaurants provide nargile, or "hookas," inside, and this is an attraction to Lebanese and tourists.
50 Richard Dawson and Asiq Nargile The Kazimier, 4-5, Wolstenholme Square, 0151 324 1723, - Wed, Sep 16 Denis Kozhukhin St George's Hall Concert Room, St George's Place, Liverpool, 0151 709 3789, -Wed, Sep 16, PS25 Glory Days Cavern Club, Mathew Street, Liverpol, 0151 236 9091, -Wed, Sep 16, PS10 Rainhill Monthly Jazz nights Rainhill Ex-Services Club, Warrington Road, 0151 426 4625, Last Wednesdays of the month - Wed, Dec 30, PS3.
The festival has been known to forge some interesting music ideas too, with Newcastle musician Richard Dawson meeting Asiq Nargile from South Georgia at last year's Tusk festival and going on to meld their different music styles on a tour.
i) smoke cigars; ii) smoke cigarellos; iii) smoke a pipe; iv) use bidis (a tobacco product from India); v) use chewing tobacco; vi) use snuff; vii) use waterpipe (hubble bubble, nargile, shisha); viii) drink 5 or more alcoholic beverages on one occasion (i.
In terms of tobacco consumption, cigarettes are most widely consumed in Turkey, followed by nargile and cigars.
The pastime of smoking shisha - also known as nargile, hubbly bubbly, hookah or by other names across the Middle East - is engrained in Jordanian culture from the time of the Ottoman Empire.