narrow margin

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Noun1.narrow margin - a small margin; "the president was not humbled by his narrow margin of victory"; "the landslide he had in the electoral college obscured the narrowness of a victory based on just 43% of the popular vote"
margin - an amount beyond the minimum necessary; "the margin of victory"
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But once he was married, what would become of this narrow margin of life in which his real experiences were lived?
If a gentlemanly residence coming strictly within this narrow margin had not been essential to the blood of the Barnacles, this particular branch would have had a pretty wide selection among, let us say, ten thousand houses, offering fifty times the accommodation for a third of the money.
This narrow margin of grass between the path and the flower-bed.
While, Islamia College team could score 154 runs and lost the match with a very narrow margin.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Muharrem Usta, whose surname means "expert" or "ace," was elected Trabzonspor's next chairman by a narrow margin during the club's 70th extraordinary general congress on Sunday night.
Grace Poe will win a favorable decision in her disqualification case before the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) by a narrow margin.
For the result so close as to be decided on such a narrow margin, or even a few thousand votes (which is quite feasible), what then?
Hyderabad: The 2014 elections in Andhra Pradesh will be remembered as an epic battle in which a few bigwigs lost by a narrow margin and one candidate won posthumously.
Khanna will take on Punjab Congress chief Pratap Singh Bajwa who had defeated him in the last election in 2009 by a narrow margin.
The Tories won overall by a narrow margin but she failed to win her seat.
1968: Britain's Lillian Board lost the Olympic 400 metres final by a narrow margin to France's Colette Besson, and US sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave their 'Black Power'salute on the winners' rostrum.