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 (nā′sənt, năs′ənt)
Coming into existence; emerging: "the moral shock of our nascent imperialism" (Richard Hofstadter).

[Latin nāscēns, nāscent-, present participle of nāscī, to be born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

na′scen·cy n.
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Noun1.nascency - the event of being bornnascency - the event of being born; "they celebrated the birth of their first child"
alteration, change, modification - an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another; "the change was intended to increase sales"; "this storm is certainly a change for the worse"; "the neighborhood had undergone few modifications since his last visit years ago"
delivery - the event of giving birth; "she had a difficult delivery"
live birth - the birth of a living fetus (regardless of the length of gestation)
posthumous birth - birth of a child by Caesarean section after the death of the mother
posthumous birth - birth of a child after the father has died
rebirth, reincarnation, renascence - a second or new birth


The initial stage of a developmental process:
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Stricter emission norms, reducing battery prices and increasing consumer awareness are driving EV adoption in India, while EVs are not yet mainstream, government push and other indications point to a growing momentum," stated the study titled, 'Electric mobility in India: Leveraging collaboration and nascency,' jointly conducted by ASSOCHAM and global advisory services firm Ernst and Young (EY).
I ultimately argue that they prefigure the massive shift that was to come, while remaining unique in their nascency and specific interests, thus marking them as important transitional moments in adult film history.
An ellipsis of one of the two sexes seems more of a regression to nascency rather than a fruition from the two sexesjoining together.
Because of the nascency of the project, one can only speculate.
Those of us who go back to the nascency of NCR in the mid-1960s remember Garry Wills as the paper's conservative columnist.
For scholars of Arab societies, the continuing appeal of the public sphere notion lies in digital media's potential to open up new physical or ideational public spaces to discuss issues of common concern, despite the uneven access and the nascency of civil society.
The most frequent measures of behavior were nascency status, funding, decision making, communicating, networking, using information, and business planning.
Souitaris, Zerbinati and Al-Laham (2007) used a quasi-experimental design to assess the impact of entrepreneurship programs on intention toward self-employment and nascency as a proxy of entrepreneurial behavior.