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a. A relatively large group of people organized under a single, usually independent government; a country.
b. The territory occupied by such a group of people: All across the nation, people are voting their representatives out.
2. The government of a sovereign state.
3. A people who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language; a nationality: "Historically the Ukrainians are an ancient nation which has persisted and survived through terrible calamity" (Robert Conquest).
a. A federation or tribe, especially one composed of Native Americans.
b. The territory occupied by such a federation or tribe.

[Middle English nacioun, from Old French nation, from Latin nātiō, nātiōn-, from nātus, past participle of nāscī, to be born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

na′tion·hood′ n.
na′tion·less adj.
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Noun1.nationhood - the state of being a nation
state - the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"


[ˈneɪʃənhʊd] Ncarácter m de nación
they have a strong sense of nationhoodposeen un acusado sentimiento nacionalista
to achieve nationhoodllegar a constituir una nación, llegar a tener categoría de nación


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Pakistan exemplifies the problem of religion-based nationhood as few other countries do.
He further said that this project would help promote patriotism and nationhood among the masses and the Pakistani youth in particular.
South Korea's statehood, or nationhood, if you like, also has been under excessive pressure, and some of the challenges are likely to be protracted.
Unity of purpose and nationhood are by and large a figment of the imagination of not even our generation but of the idealistic founders of this country.
I have a totally opposite perspective of nationhood - that the first duty of the Government is to care for its citizens, especially its children, and presently hundreds of thousands live in needless poverty, many of them homeless and dependent upon a sufficiency from food banks, with no hope in their life.
Summary: Events are leading to bigger questions about nationhood and if Europe can emerge as a nation
Michael Goldfarb | NYT Syndicate THE recent independence referendums in Iraqi Kurdistan and Catalonia, and the predictable heavy-handed responses from the central governments in Baghdad and Madrid, have raised many questions a catechism without answers on the meaning of nationhood in the 21st century.
Chidambaram for his J-K remark, saying the Congress was willing to sacrifice nationhood for political gain.
But Herzl's embrace of Jewish nationhood ran counter to the left-wing rejection of nationalism and religion as societal evils.
And how, in all that, has devolution's inability to tackle economic decline, from the South Wales Valleys to vast swathes of rural Wales, affected perceptions of nationhood and nationality, if at all?
Alcohol and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Mexico.
Interestingly, Jinnah, the pragmatic politician that he was, didn't confine himself to only single factor analysis for a separate Muslim nationhood in his Lahore (1940) address.