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1. A sociopolitical policy, especially in the United States in the 1800s, favoring the interests of established inhabitants over those of immigrants.
2. The reestablishment or perpetuation of native cultural traits, especially in opposition to acculturation.
3. Philosophy The doctrine that the mind produces ideas that are not derived from external sources.

na′tiv·ist n.
na′tiv·is′tic adj.
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Noun1.nativist - a philosopher who subscribes to nativism
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
Adj.1.nativist - advocating the perpetuation of native societies; "the old nativist prejudice against the foreign businessman"; "the nativistic faith preaches the old values"- C.K.Kluckhohn
2.nativist - of or relating to or advocating nativism; "nativist theories"; "the traditional controversy between the nativistic and empiristic theories"
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The wretched condition of many Irish immigrants and their social problems, even more so their Catholicism, triggered and fed American nativist bigotry.
Britain's race-relations problems, as sketched by Kundnani, have remarkable similarities with its American counterparts: originating in imperial anxieties (London headed East; Washington went West), rooted in the inequalities of a global "free market," and interwoven with nativist anxieties about security, economic well-being and national identity.
McBrien, he should spend some time with Catholic communities on the border and he should read up on nativist attacks against his fellow Irish back in the last century.
Undeterred either by the racial and gender dictates of southern slave society or the nativist anti-Catholicism directed toward them, the Oblate Sisters worked in concert with the black Baltimore Catholic community, often with little assistance from diocesan authorities, and sometimes despite the authorities' racially motivated opposition.
Rajeswari Sunder Rajah explores how certain authors invent characters that add texture to the tension between upholding traditional nativist values that silence women and the embracing of Western-identified gender and sexual identities.
And nativist parties have never gotten far in America, either, at least not in the way of Austria's Freedom Party or Belgium's Vlaams Bloc.
when Nativist Party "know nothings" roused rabbles in the 19th century.
Also, WalMart is now an international organization and they probably fear any form of nativist expression, no matter how well meaning such conversation may be, because for them perhaps the borders are already erased.
In California in the late 19th century, the nativist Workingmen's Party took aim at Chinese immigrants and attempted to limit their employment.
By 1857, however, he had grown tired of American nativist bigotry against Irish Catholics and had moved to Montreal at the invitation of the St.
In prose that is too often turgid, Samuel goes on to explain that whereas in the first war, bond drives centered on lining everybody up behind the dominant white idea, during the second war the bond sellers reflected the fact that the country had changed and so the selling was less nativist and more inclusive of the population, most notably of black Americans.
Thus, both the Blacks and the Irish of the Fifth Ward found themselves to be large minorities outnumbered by the larger nativist population of the ward (Warner 139).