nativity play

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Sometimes, in the later period, altogether original and very realistic scenes from actual English life were added, like the very clever but very coarse parody on the Nativity play in the 'Towneley' cycle.
He once wrote a Nativity play that brought him quite a bit of local appreciation.
PRINCE George played a sheep in his school Nativity play, the Duke of Cambridge has disclosed.
After asking the children about their plans for Christmas, William said: "I went to my boy's nativity play.
IT'S THAT time of year when every parent enjoys watching their little ones perform in the school nativity play.
A BOY got his Josephs confused when he turned up to play the husband of Jesus's mum in a school nativity play - dressed as Soviet dictator Stalin.
CHILDREN at Lepton CofE School staged their Nativity play.
The sad fact is that just one in three schools still holds a traditional nativity play, even though parents want the Christmas story to live on.
A FATHER said he is furious after his partner was asked to remove a video of their daughter performing in a school nativity play from Facebook.
Spon Gate Primary school perform | their nativity play in 1965
I don't get all the wringing of hands over the news that only a third of schools now stage a traditional nativity play.