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 (nā′trŏn′, -trən)
A mineral of hydrous sodium carbonate, Na2CO3·10H2O, often found crystallized with other salts. It can act as a dessicant and was used in mummification.

[French, from Spanish natrón, from Arabic naṭrūn, niter, from Greek nitron; see niter.]


(Minerals) a whitish or yellow mineral that consists of hydrated sodium carbonate and occurs in saline deposits and salt lakes. Formula: Na2CO3.10H2O
[C17: via French and Spanish from Arabic natrūn, from Greek nitron]


(ˈneɪ trɒn, -trən)

a mineral, hydrous sodium carbonate, Na2CO3∙10H2O, found in dried-up lake beds.
[1675–85; < French < Sp < Arabic naṭrūn, variant of niṭrūn < Greek nítron, probably ultimately < Egyptian ntry; compare Hebrew nether, Hittite nitri]
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Victoria, Turkana and Natron traverse several countries.
It all revolves around Kenya's plans to build two dams on the Mara River, which, experts warn, run the risk of completely drying the ecosystem downstream and affecting bird nesting on Lake Natron in Tanzania, while Dar es Salaam is looking at harvesting waters of the Mara at Borenga, affecting flow into Lake Victoria.
He added that the discovery also included around 300 sacks with natron salt, oils, sand, and other substances, as well as jar stoppers and a scraper.
Morales said that among the contents of the pots were about 300 bags of natron salt, which was used in the process of embalming, oils and clay, in addition to pots with engraved hieratic writings.
Many cats were mummified in the city of Bubastis, the centre of worship of the cat goddess, and then buried in special cat cemeteries," the post says, "This mummified cat, whose face can still be seen, would have had its insides removed and filled with earth or sand before being wrapped in bandages soaked in natron (salt) or resin.
A man was taken into custody by Lane County Sheriff's Department on Saturday night in Jasper for multiple charges of menacing and reckless endangering as well as charges of unlawful use of a weapon and criminal trespassing after he sporadically shot a 12-gauge shotgun while sitting in his car in the parking lot of Natron Wood Products on Jasper Lowell Road.
Invitation to tender: production and delivery paper natron bag and cardboard boxes with printing
The lawyer claimed that Hamas was involved in breaking into the prison of Wadi Natron and smuggling members of the Islamic brotherhood, and killing Egyptian protesters in the Tahrir square.
It was then on to Enchorro Naibor where we all met up again to spend the night on the edge of the world looking out over Lakes Natron and Magadi and the mountains of Shompole and Oldoinyo Sampu.
CAIRO, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- The trial session of deposed Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders accused in relation to the break ins into prisons in Wadi Natron kicked off Tuesday amid tight security measures at the Police Academy in Cairo.
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