natural ability

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Noun1.natural ability - ability that is inherited
aptitude - inherent ability
endowment, natural endowment, talent, gift - natural abilities or qualities
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pronounced either Cowper or Cooper), whose much longer life (1731-1800) and far larger literary production give him a more important actual place than can be claimed for Chatterton, though his natural ability was far less and his significance to-day is chiefly historical.
Keith Chegwin was adored by children and adults alike for his natural ability to put a smile on everyone's faces even if it made him look foolish.
am's natural ability to connect with young people has been a hit with his fellow coaches on The Voice Kids.
I was able to unit of using my natural ability fancy laser "We're going to have eSports competitions.
On Micky Quinn's column about Remy Cabella] IKEY, Chronicle Live CRAIG SAYS: Quinn doesn't say that Cabella is better than Coutinho, he says he has more natural ability.
Hannah is the youngest player to qualify for the Nationals and with her natural ability can undoubtedly look forward to an exciting career in the world of bowls.
The cash injection gives Northumberland's Natural Ability five years of funding to enable them to develop ambitious plans.
It's a complex driven by cardiolipin, which re-energizes the skin and boosts its natural ability to repair.
BRAIN nerve cells have a natural ability to protect themselves from damage during the onset of a stroke, possibly paving the way for new treatments to help victims, scientists have found.
Similasan Kids Cough Relief cough syrup, she explains, stimulates the body's natural ability to relieve the symptoms of a dry, hacking cough, soothing the cough reflex in the throat and lungs so that mucus and irritations no longer trigger coughing.
The Manchester United manager believes the two stars' work ethic allied to their natural ability sets them apart from the rest - including Liverpool's
Blessed with natural ability and vision, Burgess's skills are wide-ranging and he frequently switches to the back row.