natural endowment

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Noun1.natural endowment - natural abilities or qualitiesnatural endowment - natural abilities or qualities  
natural ability - ability that is inherited
hang, knack, bent - a special way of doing something; "he had a bent for it"; "he had a special knack for getting into trouble"; "he couldn't get the hang of it"
flair, genius - a natural talent; "he has a flair for mathematics"; "he has a genius for interior decorating"
raw talent - powerfully impressive talent
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Ordering meals, directing servants, paying bills, and so contriving that every clock ticked more or less accurately in time, and a number of vases were always full of fresh flowers was supposed to be a natural endowment of hers, and, indeed, Mrs.
And hence the differences between men in natural endowment are insignificant in comparison with their common wealth.
A few slight indications of a rather petted and capricious manner, which I observed in the Beauty, were manifestly considered, by Traddles and his wife, as her birthright and natural endowment.
So large, indeed, appear to be his natural endowments that we cannot feel as if even thirty volumes would have come near to exhausting them.
But you have talents, Arthur - natural endowments both of heart and mind and temper, such as many a better Christian would be glad to possess, if you would only employ them in God's service.
For the many resource-based economies in Africa to achieve structural economic transformation, revamping national comparative advantage in terms of abundant natural endowment into competitive advantage is critical.
Africa's natural endowment in arable land and water are well known.
We do not see Afghanistan as merely a bridge or a roundabout connecting these regions, contributing only as a transit route, but as a possible driver of economic growth in the region with development of its human resources; its natural endowment including minerals and hydrocarbon resources," the External Affairs Minister said.
v=yi1poly673k a three-minute video that comprehensively summarises Uganda, displaying its natural endowment and the vast opportunities that exist in tourism, business and lifestyle.
Government will be making critical decisions on uses of water and power, airborne emissions, waste management and conservation of the natural endowment.
Within that framework, he discusses dueling paradigms, our previous endowment, understanding our natural endowment, a tale of two energy crises, dysfunctional markets, nature as guide, closing the materials loop, shifting back to renewable energy sources, economic succession, and economic resiliency.