natural family planning

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Noun1.natural family planning - any of several methods of family planning that do not involve sterilization or contraceptive devices or drugs; coitus is avoided during the fertile time of a woman's menstrual cycle
birth control, birth prevention, family planning - limiting the number of children born
basal body temperature method, basal body temperature method of family planning - natural family planning in which the fertile period of the woman's menstrual cycle is inferred by noting the rise in basal body temperature that typically occurs with ovulation
ovulation method, ovulation method of family planning - natural family planning in which the fertile period is inferred from changes in the character and quantity of cervical mucus; ovulation is marked by an increase in mucus that becomes sticky and then clearer and slippery
calendar method, calendar method of birth control, rhythm method, rhythm method of birth control, rhythm - natural family planning in which ovulation is assumed to occur 14 days before the onset of a period (the fertile period would be assumed to extend from day 10 through day 18 of her cycle)
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10), (17) Promoting Natural Family Planning in Rwanda Catholic-affiliated groups such as the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University have received significant investments from USAID to develop and support natural family planning methods based on fertility awareness.
I AM trying to find out more about natural family planning, not because of any particularly strongly held religious beliefs but simply because I don't fancy using chemicals to control my body for up to 20 years.
THE TRUTH: Natural family planning is 98% effective if taught properly (you can't learn it from a book).
Women who use natural family planning as a method of contraception use the mucus changes to help them identify the fertile time of the cycle.
SCAT stands for Sensation, Colour, Amount and Texture and it is a natural family planning method.
1988) or those who use natural family planning methods not widely used (Dunson et al.
MRS) M BERRY Retired RMN, CSW, Teacher of Natural Family Planning, Smethwick
Agency for International Development's Office of Population and Reproductive Health, calls this claim "a total fabrication" that raised unfounded doubts about the efficacy of natural family planning (NFP) methods and oral contraceptives.
This is a good method for people who for religious reasons prefer to use natural family planning, and also for people who don't want to take hormones and don't want to have surgery" or an invasive procedure, she said in an interview.
are requesting that any aid program that we may embark upon in any foreign land include information and services which relate to and support natural family planning methods.
Saturday's program included workshops on contraception and natural family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, sex education, pro-life legislation, assisted suicide and medical ethics.
Family planning" means the process of establishing objectives for the number and spacing of a family's children, and selecting the means (including natural family planning methods, adoption, infertility services and general reproductive health care, abstinence and contraception) by which those objectives may be achieved.