natural killer cell

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natural killer cell

A large granular lymphocyte that kills virus-infected, cancerous, or abnormal cells without first having been exposed to specific antigens and that also produces a variety of cytokines. Also called NK cell.

nat′ural kill′er cell`

a small killer cell that destroys virus-infected cells or tumor cells without activation by an immune system cell or antibody. Compare killer T cell.
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Natural killer cell biology: an update and tuture directions.
Another supplement to consider for short-term use is enzymatically modified rice bran, which has been demonstrated to have overwhelming benefits in boosting natural killer cell activity.
I was searching online day after day and found this web page about natural killer cells and was convinced that was me.
Evaluation of her immune status detected a low percentage of natural killer cells.
a substance P antagonist (an experimental agent); they then measured natural killer cell activity in vitro.
Using a modified version of the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney-U-test, which is claimed to be optimal for the evaluation of the results of studies with a cross-over design, a significant difference was found for the number of CD8+-T-lymphocytes and natural killer cells corresponding to either a decrease during treatment with verum or an increase in the number of these cells in the placebo period.
Association of depression, CD8+ T lymphocytes, and natural killer cell activity: Implications for morbidity and mortality in human immunodeficiency virus disease.
Natural killer cells are an essential part of the immune system, killing viruses and leukaemia cells, said Cornelia Ulrich, senior author.
Serial blood studies showed that natural killer cell (NK) cytotoxicity, which was depressed in the breast cancer patients at baseline, rose to 28% after 7 months of regular moderate endurance exercise; that's comparable to the NK function in normal people.
This receptor is found on a number of tumor types, including T cell and Natural Killer cell lymphomas, as well as multiple myeloma.
The series of tests developed by ISL measure the levels of the biological markers believed to be sensitive gauges of cellular damage, including adducts (both DNA and protein); antioxidants (water and fat soluble) both within and outside the cell; enzymes involved in DNA repair; natural killer cell activity; analyses of cell cycles; and many others, This extensive profile provides a snapshot of the functioning of the body in response to exposure to toxins and other immuno-disruptive chemicals.

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