Natural product

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Nat´u`ral prod´uct

n.1.(Chem., Biochem.) A chemical substance produced by a living organism; - a term used commonly in reference to chemical substances found in nature that have distinctive pharmacological effects. Such a substance is considered a natural product even if it can be prepared by total synthesis.
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had been chartered by a syndicate of wealthy manufacturers, equipped with a laboratory and a staff of scientists, and sent out to search for some natural product which the manufacturers who footed the bills had been importing from South America at an enormous cost.
It is probably true that if one had to name the natural product that has saved the most lives.
The field of natural product discovery is built upon knowledge that there is a correlation between biodiversity and natural products diversity.
It was reported yesterday that the collaboration is aimed at evaluating ChromaDex's natural product libraries.
This collection of articles by natural product chemists explores now natural product research makes major contributions to the discovery and development of new medicines from bioactive materials.
This second edition of Bioactive Natural Products covered many areas related to natural product chemistry.
Complementary use of a natural product can allow a reduced drug dose, which is helpful if the drug has side effects.
Applying natural product chemistry and high throughput screening, Unigen will fractionate the Peruvian plant extracts for further laboratory testing in appropriate biological, biochemical, genomic, and proteomic models.
Call it bioprospecting, chemical prospecting, gene-hunting, or natural product research--the search for and collection of wild plants and animal products of potential value to medicine, agriculture, cosmetics, and other uses has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
A valuable source for researchers and engineers working in natural product and medicinal chemistry
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 20, 2014-ChromaDex to evaluate natural product libraries in research partnership with St Jude Children's Research Hospital
has entered into a joint collaboration agreement with Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio) to evaluate ChromaDex's natural product libraries.

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