naturally occurring

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Adj.1.naturally occurring - existing by nature and without artificial aid; "one of the 93 naturally occurring chemical elements"
present - being or existing in a specified place; "the murderer is present in this room"; "present at the wedding"; "present at the creation"
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Contract Awarded for Assessment of Safety Standards at Onshore Salt Cavity & Naturally Occurring Reservoir Storage Sites.
Rather, food labels are required to bear a Prop 65 warning unless the listed chemical is naturally occurring and it is not technologically feasible to lower the level of the listed chemical.
A variety of naturally occurring methane sources always added a level of uncertainty to these measurements.
The naturally occurring trans fat in fatty beef and full-fat dairy foods is as harmful as the trans fat in partially hydrogenated oils.
Whey protein is a naturally occurring complete protein that has the highest biological value of any protein.
An improved method for the purification of naturally occurring S.
The mystery element is one of a handful of metals that can form a mineral, or a naturally occurring solid with a uniform structure, without combining with other elements.
Potter and his team will use a patented vaccine system that has proven effective when it is necessary to vaccinate against a naturally occurring protein produced by the host organism, as is the case with diseases like BSE in cattle and chronic wasting disease in deer and elk.
This genetic pattern of 146/Kunming/ 04/China implied a novel, naturally occurring recombinant NoV with GII/7 capsid and GII/6 polymerase.
Previous studies showed that thermoTRPs respond to several naturally occurring flavor chemicals, such as capsaicin in hot peppers and menthol, which gives peppermint its coolness.
Naturally occurring substances fuel other populationwide environmental health concerns in New Mexico.
The naturally occurring compounds in pure essential oils are very fragile, therefore it is important not to heat them or they will lose many of their therapeutic benefits.