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n. pl. na·tur·op·a·thies
A system of therapy that avoids drugs and surgery and relies on natural remedies, such as diet, exercise, and massage, to treat and prevent illness.

na′tur·o·path′ (nā′chər-ə-păth′, nə-cho͝or′-) n.
na′tur·o·path′ic (nā′chər-ə-păth′ĭk, nə-cho͝or′-) adj.


(Complementary Medicine) a method of treating disorders, involving the use of herbs and other naturally grown foods, sunlight, fresh air, etc. Also called: nature cure
naturopath n
naturopathic adj


(ˌneɪ tʃəˈrɒp ə θi, ˌnætʃ ə-)

a method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses fasting, special diets, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.
na′tur•o•path` (-əˌpæθ) n.
na`tur•o•path′ic, adj.

naturopathism, naturopathy

a method of treating disease using food, exercise, heat, etc. to assist the natural healing process. — naturopath, n.naturopathic, adj.
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A system which aims to treat the underlying cause of illness by encouraging the body to cure itself.
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Noun1.naturopathy - a method of treating disease using food and exercise and heat to assist the natural healing process
treatment, intervention - care provided to improve a situation (especially medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury)


[ˌneɪtʃəˈrɒpəθɪ] Nnaturopatía f


n. naturopatía, tratamiento terapéutico por medio de recursos naturales.


n medicina naturista, naturopatía
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Tenders are invited for Tender for supply of yoga accessories for scp/tsp yoga camp to government nature cure & yoga medical college, brindavan extension, k.
Early Australian naturopathic journals such as Nature Cure and Medical Freedom and Nature's Path to Health regularly had reports from the naturopathic profession overseas.
As Gandhiji was undergoing the nature cure treatment in the morning, the grandmother of Tushar Gandhi told the young man that he would not be able to meet Gandhiji; but he could hand over the gift to her and the gift would reach Gandhiji.
Interestingly, patients at the Jindal Nature Cure Institute are strictly advised to stay away from the phone and other distractions.
One of the great contributions of clerical medicine was to preserve "certain cures" and "tried remedies" while applying as a basis of treatment use by electricity, water, and physic, which also led to today's development of nature cure and naturopathy.
Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat Center is built as a dynamic multi-faceted Nature Cure Centre which believes "Cure in Illness, Care in Wellness.
His book Nature Cure is about learning to live in this new, treeless landscape and enjoy its light, wetness and expansiveness, creating meaning out of an environment that initially seems to provide little purchase.
Though the basic Nature Cure deals only with Pancha Mahabhootas, the recent developments advocates the practice of drugless therapies like Massage, Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure, Magneto-therapy etc.
Madhya Pradesh, March 28 -- The most awaited project of kriti Group (AG8), kriti Nature Cure Centre (ANCC) is all set to launch on 30th March 2013 by the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Shri R Parasuram.
India-based Institute for Nature Cure and Yogic Sciences' Dr Umesh Dongare was the keynote speaker at the event attended by more than 100 participants.
2005 Nature Cure, a book about Mabey's recovery from depression, published
O capitulo quarto, Birth of the anti-clinic: naturopathic Yoga in a post-Gandhian, postcolonial state, descreve o processo pelo qual o Nature Cure (cura pela natureza), um conceito inventado na Europa central durante o seculo XIX, foi adaptado por Gandhi, a India.

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