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Crossovers will also be remediated with affected nature strip and footpaths.
He suffered from injuries which included two fractured vertebrae when his car went over a nature strip and hit a fence.
There's a favourite little patch of nature strip in Melbourne I like to pass by where the neighbours have planted herbs and plants, all lovingly labelled and cared for by those in the area.
Ms Burges-Watson said: "We bought into this area because of the lovely trees and nature strip opposite the house ( something we value extremely highly and are keen to protect and improve.
Work includes kerb and gutter, road pavement, drainage works and regrading of the nature strip (including adjustment to multiple driveways).
Dookie transformed a quarry into an open-air arts venue, Natimuk turned a nature strip into a community arts space and Neerim South created a giant new sculpture to mark the town entrance and now, six new towns will be transformed by creativity following the return of the Small Town Transformations program.
provides services including Rotary Hoeing and Ripping, Oval Renovation and Seeding, Seed and Harrowing, Parks Preparation and Estate Nature Strips.
In many countries, all new houses must by law have dual flush toilets, smaller shower rosettes to restrict the water flow, wastewater is recycled and used for watering public gardens and nature strips, while drip watering systems have become more prevalent.
All gardens, nature strips, and parks would benefit if we ensured that a higher percentage of rainwater was returned back into the ground.
Investment in Palestinian production and the economy are crucial particularly because of the occupation which by its nature strips away a many of the possibilities for financial success.
The fact that people see kangaroos grazing on their main street nature strips is just an indication that kangaroos are hungry and cannot find food where they normally did, not a sign that they are invading city streets,'' Wirth said.
There is no doubt that questions of law and order become a lot more pressing for sections of the media when gangsters start killing each other in inner city restaurants, rather than on the nature strips of obscure outer suburbs.