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Noun1.naval division - a group of ships of similar typenaval division - a group of ships of similar type  
naval unit - a military unit that is part of a navy
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He served in the Royal Naval Division ("RND") an anachronistic unit which was very much Navy yet fought on land.
His great-grandfather was Able Bodied Seaman Thomas Otto Hartshorn, of Nelson Battalion, Royal Naval Division.
Charge by the Naval Division on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915 |
The Agreement regards The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organization~s single acquisition of visual life-saving appliances (hereinafter merely referred to as the LSA ) for the entire Royal Danish Navy including the National Home Guard naval division (hereinafter referred to as RDN ).
As a collier, George Prowse was in an exempt occupation but chose to enlist, and was drafted into the Royal Naval Division (RND) which consisted of sailors trained to fight on land.
He was employed by Messrs Harland and Wolff Ltd, in their chair department, and on the outbreak of the war joined the Howe Battalion, Royal Naval Division.
He volunteered for the Public Schools' ("D") Company of the Hawke Battalion, Royal Naval Division in December 1914.
However, history has shown that unionised militaries (the Communist People's Naval Division and Soldiers' Councils in Weimar Germany, the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War) tend not to perform well when they face non-unionised military opponents (the German Freikorps of Weimar, and the Spanish Foreign Legion and German Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War.
Naval brigades serving ashore would feature in most British wars of this period, and in the First World War a large Royal Naval Division fought on the Western Front.
Cases full of models and artifacts show me what they produced, from the PT (patrol torpedo) boats cranked out by the Elco Naval Division of the Electric Boat Company in Bayonne, New Jersey, to the top-secret Norden bombsight manufactured in Manhattan.
Joseph's brother, Arthur Lee Purvis, died of dysentery on September 16, 1915, while serving with the Royal Naval Division and another brother, Joseph Albert, was killed in action on April 15, 1918, whilst serving with the Lincolnshire Regiment.

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