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A new, fresh approach to providing our young people with a meaningful future must now be our priority as clearly bouts of navel-gazing and looking back on what might have been, plus constant attempts to blame any number of causes for the decline and end of our once great steelmaking industry, will not do us any good.
Mine's a Fitbit, his is a Garmin, so to avoid confusion let's call them crushingly boring navel-gazing gadgets because these are the days of self-obsession and self-analysis.
As the title suggests , there was no room for navel-gazing introspection just a guitar-driven directness which was Dr Feelgood-like in delivery.
THE difference between England going into a summer of tortured navel-gazing or sunny optimism turned out to be Jack Wilshere and Wayne Rooney.
The West Midlands and other English regions should seriously consider dumping tribalism and navel-gazing, and instead consider working together as regional social and political entities.
How many rocks did she have to kick to find such a myopic, whining, self-centered, navel-gazing group?
While a small group has been seeking navel-gazing and introspection, a wider group of candidates for some of our best wards have been making plans for returning to the doorstep and reinvigorating our campaign.
England have now gone 16 matches without a win at this level and a summer that promised so much will instead trigger another bout of navel-gazing.
I have tried to black out all traces of Pride and Prejudice, but I can never fully purge the memory of page after page of Austen's dreary, upper-class navel-gazing.
But they will not tolerate division and navel-gazing.
IT MIGHT have been the most navel-gazing, insular Cardiff Bay bubble story of the week.
Here is a paragraph from the review: "As she progresses along the path of her pampered pilgrimage-the sight of Indian children gazing at her passing taxi from the litter-strewn margins of a highway is dealt with as nothing more than local "color" -- Liz engages in interminable navel-gazing and confuses psychobabble in the mouths of her chosen mentors for wisdom.