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1. Sufficiently deep or wide to provide passage for vessels: navigable waters; a navigable river.
2. Capable of being steered. Used of boats, ships, or aircraft.

nav′i·ga·bil′i·ty, nav′i·ga·ble·ness n.
nav′i·ga·bly adv.
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Noun1.navigability - the quality of being suitable for the passage of a ship or aircraft
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
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The new entity's initial focus will be on the dredging of lahar sand deposits from Sto Tomas, Maloma and Bucao Rivers in Zambales Province, Philippines in order to restore navigability of these rivers.
10Bet's fully compatible HTML5 based mobile product allows players to bet anywhere and anytime on more than 18,000 monthly live events, with streamlined navigability for quick and easy mobile betting and gaming, as well as a range of mobile-specific promotions.
A determination of navigability by (Transport Canada) for a given project remains an opinion that may ultimately be challenged in the courts as a matter of statutory interpretation.
Supreme Court cases involving navigability (4) helped to shape the scope of federal authority under the Commerce Clause (5) and the Necessary and Proper Clause (6) of the U.
He explained that this project is multifunctional and that construction of the Morava canal would not only improve the navigability of the river, but would create favourable conditions for agriculture, tourism, would facilitate the construction of hydropower and prevent flooding, as well as migration of population from the Morava basin.
A viewport combines the portability of a report with the navigability of a portal view.
With a sharper display, additional features, and heightened navigability, iFuturesPocket has the advantage, and will enable futures brokers to keep in constant communication with their active clients.
Macedonia has not yet made a plan considering Serbia has not yet requested an analysis of the navigability of the Vardar.
Authorities and experts from Bulgaria and Romania have agreed to work together in order to improve dramatically the navigability of the Danube River in their joint section.
com), which offers a host of improvements: easy navigability, better organized content, a powerful search engine, and better social media sharing tools.
We took great care to solicit feedback from current users to improve features, navigability, and ensure robust content.
Akhtaboot, which includes several new improvements, ranging from new time-saving functionality to easier navigability.