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Noun1.navigation light - light on an airplane that indicates the plane's position and orientationnavigation light - light on an airplane that indicates the plane's position and orientation; red light on the left (port) wing tip and green light on the right (starboard) wing tip
aeroplane, airplane, plane - an aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets; "the flight was delayed due to trouble with the airplane"
light source, light - any device serving as a source of illumination; "he stopped the car and turned off the lights"
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Elevated Pilot House with steering console wheel cables, locking door, lockable opening windows, windshield wiper, spotlight, and navigation lights 7.
The S-97 RAIDER has UTC Aerospace Systems-supplied engine systems aboard including flight control computer, cockpit interface unit, cockpit remote processing unit, active vibration control unit, propeller gearbox, propeller drive shaft, propeller drive coupling, damper assembly and engine input coupling, environmental control systems, actuation and propeller systems, red and green navigation lights, tail navigation light and anti-collision beacon.
They include a whistle or some other sound-signaling device that works to alert others that a person is in trouble; and navigation lights for night operation.
Keep a sharp eye out and confirm that your navigation lights are in working order and fulfill U.
Indian Embassy officials in Bahrain say crew members turned off their navigation lights at sea, causing the Qatari Coast Guard to crash into them killing the captain," he said.
She remembered that the two other planes were emitting the usual navigation lights.
A court heard the boats - one carrying more passengers than it should have done - were speeding without navigation lights, radios and without any risk assessment being made.
The team has conducted an inspection tour to over 50 sites affiliated with the Bridge's project, and discovered two ships and one tugboat without navigation lights at center of Kuwait Bay, Waleed Al-Fadhel, Head of Kuwait Dive Team, told KUNA.
One of them rang a friend to raise the alarm and the men also fired distress flares and turned on navigation lights.
airport The Tahlequah Municipal Airport in Oklahoma is in the process of redesigning its taxiway and improving its navigation lights, among other upgrades.
Its exceptional facilities have also been a draw, including, a wave-breaker, navigation lights, a slipway, shore power and a diesel refuelling station.

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