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1. The theory and practice of navigating, especially the charting of a course for a ship or aircraft.
2. Travel or traffic by vessels, especially commercial shipping.

nav′i·ga′tion·al adj.
nav′i·ga′tion·al·ly adv.


(Navigation) in a navigational manner; from a navigational point of view
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Skippers of boats of all sizes ranging from yachts to cruising vessels will be able to plan their activities on the river knowing they have a navigationally suitable and enjoyable pick-up and set-down point.
The production of fortnightly Notices to Mariners and maintenance of navigationally significant dangers and changes to all forms of charts as they are discovered.
9 million bb/d passed through the Turkish Straits, seventeen miles long and only half a mile wide; each year some fifty thousand ships, including five thousand tankers, transit this navigationally very difficult waterway.
I got my busty mum's sense of direction, impatience and maths skills, and my navigationally gifted, patient, numerically competent dad's boobs.
Finally, less than 1 percent of the US navigationally significant Arctic waters have been surveyed with modern technology.
The story both told and untold in the court case is of the slave ship Zong whose captain, having lost his way, navigationally, threw overboard the ship's "cargo" of enslaved Africans in order to collect insurance monies.
In this Regulation [from Tukhachevskii] it implies a mixture of guiding the tanks navigationally and tactically, reporting their progress back, and probably controlling the fire of their supporting artillery.
Understanding how pedagogy is expressed visually and navigationally in units of learning at runtime helps to identify shortcomings in the way runtime environments have been conceived to date.
And if this means racers sustain vehicle breakdowns, navigationally challenged cab drivers and canceled flights, such real-life pitfalls are just part of the game--something Season 21 racers Mark "Abba" Abbattista and James LoMenzo know all too well.