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tr.v. nay·said (-sĕd′), nay·say·ing, nay·says (-sĕz′)
To oppose, deny, or take a pessimistic or negative view of: They will naysay any policy that raises taxes.

nay′say′er n.


someone who opposes something or says no to it


(ˈneɪˌseɪ ər)

a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views.
nay′say`, v.t. -said, -say•ing.
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Noun1.naysayer - someone with an aggressively negative attitude
obstructer, obstructionist, obstructor, resister, thwarter - someone who systematically obstructs some action that others want to take
technophobe - a person who dislikes or avoids new technology
References in classic literature ?
Free for death, and free in death; a holy Naysayer, when there is no longer time for Yea: thus understandeth he about death and life.
And then it struck me, although this person is not explicitly saying "No", through his actions he is a naysayer, because he does not believe that the project will work.
One of the constants of Canadian foreign policy is the role of the naysayer, usually occupying an academic or bureaucratic perch, who finds ways to debunk the achievements of our country in the international sphere.
For example, I've heard a naysayer claim that certification will actually cause more problems, because a certified coach will feel entitled to a position regardless of his qualifications and background compared to other candidates.
THAT whiny little voice you hear in the background is some naysayer objecting to the claim -- made famous by our governor -- that California has the world's sixth-largest economy.
Although not a naysayer by nature, he says he finds himself being more skeptical, especially about what goes on at the state level.
A naysayer might doubt the credibility of the streak because there is no way to substantiate how far someone runs every day besides the runners' own accounts, but Sutherland says the records reported to USRSA president founder John Strumsky Jr.
And the one naysayer, Princeton art professor Hal Foster, comes off as a simpering flibbertigibbet.
Bernardi came to the council as a cautious naysayer, warning against unlimited growth and railing against the influence of campaign contributions.
Noah Freedman, co-principal at Bond, said: "We embrace the naysayers.
For all the naysayers out there, mark your calendars and dust off your fishing rods next Friday, February 22, when the Arabian Sea will be set rocking when Big6 Fishing Tournament returns for its fourth instalment.