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tr.v. nay·said (-sĕd′), nay·say·ing, nay·says (-sĕz′)
To oppose, deny, or take a pessimistic or negative view of: They will naysay any policy that raises taxes.

nay′say′er n.
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Noun1.naysaying - the act of saying no to a request
denial - the act of refusing to comply (as with a request); "it resulted in a complete denial of his privileges"
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Much of the naysaying in Washington in particular was designed to convince public opinion and Congress that the administration was working hard to obtain the best possible deal.
He worked up his confidence, though, and powered through the whole thing in spite of the Polish naysaying.
From a business perspective, Apple couldn't have asked for a better 2014, and dozens of naysaying
The fact is that, too often, NEA has sat on the sidelines of change, naysaying, quick to say what won't work and slow to say what will.
On her first day of school, a kid Dreamer imagines all the possibilities for the new school year and beyond, only to be brought down by the Womp Womp, a naysaying curmudgeon who is a personification of her self-doubt.
They also believe that some of the naysaying coverage of ACO development of late has very much overdrawn.
But that one naysaying voice is the kind of "balance," alas, you'd expect from NPR.
Despite most medical boards' naysaying adult treatment with HGH, Rothenberg outlines the evidence for adult growth hormone deficiency and treats patients with it.
So I'm hearing a little bit of that naysaying today, and, yes, there are going to be deficit challenges, and yes, there are going to be a lot of challenges to make sure that this process goes forward in a balanced way, in a bipartisan way But just like 28 years ago, the same need is there, and I think it can be done.
He founded Space Exploration Technologies (better known as SpaceX) and, despite widespread criticism and naysaying, proceeded to design and launch the first-ever liquid-fueled private rocket, the Falcon 1, to reach orbital space.
Despite early “cloud related naysaying,” RMI has offered ADVANTAGE as a cloud solution since 2007 and discontinued all other delivery methods in 2010.
The gun debate in America has reached a crescendo marked by the naysaying of those who live and die by the gun.