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 (nē-ăn′dər-thôl′, -tôl′, nā-än′dər-täl′)
1. also Ne·an·der·tal (-tôl′, -täl′)
a. A species of extinct hominins (Homo neanderthalensis) that lived throughout most of Europe and western and central Asia during the late Pleistocene Epoch until about 30,000 years ago. Members of this species had a large skull and stocky build and are associated with Middle Paleolithic tools.
b. An individual belonging to this species.
2. Slang A crude, boorish, or slow-witted person.
1. also Ne·an·der·tal (-tôl′, -täl′) Of, having to do with, or resembling Neanderthals.
2. Slang Crude, boorish, or slow-witted.

[After Neanderthal (Neandertal), a valley of western Germany near Düsseldorf where remains of these humans were found in 1856.]

Ne·an′der·thal′oid′ (-thô′loid′, -tô′-, -tä′-) adj.


(Anthropology & Ethnology) resembling Neanderthal man
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Fleure was keen to warn his readers that while this collection of characteristics was highly suggestive, "there are many objections to the assumptions of Neanderthaloid relationships save, perhaps, of a very distant kind".
In both World Wars, the ferocious fur-clad Neanderthaloid image is extended and updated to modern settings, with spiked Prussian helmet as attribute (FIGURE H, p.