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tr.v. neb·u·lized, neb·u·liz·ing, neb·u·liz·es
1. To convert (a liquid) to a fine spray; atomize.
2. To treat with a medicated spray.

neb′u·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
neb′u·liz′er n.


n. nebulización, atomización, conversión de un líquido a una nube de vapor.


n nebulización f
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They said some of the unavailable life-saving medicines included Dopamine, Dobutamine, Norpine, IV fluids, Atem and Clenil for nebulization while IV line, nasal prong, vitamin K, 1-CC syringes are also not available in paediatric and neonatal emergency wards of the hospital.
Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of budesonide nebulization in the treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia of newborns and its safety.
Common myths about nebulization are that, the Parents fear frequent nebulization could get the child addicted to it or it might weaken their lungs.
During the treatment, there were several possible outcomes and the corresponding actions as follows: (1) weaning, use T-tube for nebulization, (2) extubation, use oronasal nebulizer mask, (3) death, end study, and (4) change of bacteriology result, unsuitable for AA, then end study.
It Should Be Supplied With Nebulization Accessory Kit With Mask For Adult And Pediatric 2 Nos.
Ashok discussed Good nebulization practices and stated that Nebulizers are not always appropriately used in Pakistan.
It can be administered at different doses and through different routes of administration such as intravenous injection or infusion, umbilical artery or vein injections, endotracheal, intramuscular, local injection or nebulization (1).
1) But there are some limitations in nebulization like power requirement, equipment failure, maintenance charges, some children may not tolerate noisy equipment.
Dr Sameera explains that asthmatics or parents of asthmatic children frequently need advice on nebulization dosage and duration.
Acute severe asthma; salbutamol plus ipratropium bromide nebulization versus salbutamol nebulization alone.
The newest formulation of formoterol is known as Perforomist, a wet nebulization ampoule containing 0.
Nebulization has been used in treatment of other air sac pathologies, specifically nebulization of antifungal medication for treatment of air sac aspergillosis.