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1. Cloudy, misty, or hazy.
2. Lacking definite form or limits; vague: nebulous assurances of future cooperation.
3. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a nebula.

[Middle English, from Latin nebulōsus, from nebula, cloud; see nebh- in Indo-European roots.]

neb′u·lous·ly adv.
neb′u·lous·ness n.
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Adv.1.nebulously - in a nebulous and indefinite manner
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She had never conceived of the form of God except as nebulously naked, and the thought- association was startling.
The following proof involves two fragmented terms and plays them off one another in nebulously sequenced words: "a woman face" appears, followed by a gap, followed by "for to see monstrosity.
Not that optimizing hardware utilization was a simple task back then, but current HPC users and systems administrators must now manage workflows that may include a mix-n-match collection of heterogeneous hardware like CPUs, GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi devices installed in multiple, distributed clusters that may be located within an organization, physically located across multiple data centers around the world, and may even include resources nebulously contained within the cloud.
Still, decision support tools can be nebulously defined or even taken for granted, both at a provider's own peril.
On this premise, the Unknown's hasty obliteration of the alien must be premature: it presumes the capacity to adequately comprehend the terrestrial alien without reforming the organs of perception, without reaching a nebulously deferred "adult state.
For an economy of endemic shortage reliant on State-controlled redistributable resource accumulation (Verdery 1991: 126), it is paradoxical that an architecture practice under strict, politically-mandated economic constraints for quick delivery of decent mass housing would be banned for doing so outside the more resource-consuming and financially-taxing political enforcement of a nebulously defined Socialist Realism.
These operas are to be compared, McGeary argues, with less nebulously political dramas such as that damning critique of Walpole, The Beggar's Opera, or Alfred, by Thomas Arne.
While the name "cloud storage" may connote masses of data hovering nebulously in cyberspace, in reality, all that data is stored on servers that are physically located somewhere.
Ranciere's work is a collection of ten nebulously linked, previously published essays translated from the French by Julie Rose (the French collection was published in 2006).
The categories of "Equity, Human Rights, Neighborhoods & Sustainability" and "Human Services Commission Discretionary Funding," at $800,000 and $500,000, respectively, are too nebulously defined to persuade me to support the measure.
The use of the official storyboards sent up to higher, to bolster the party line that our proxy government in the AO is everincreasing its area of influence and control against the nebulously defined "insurgency," will not allow this type of analysis.
Like poet Renee Ashley, I am "drawn to what flutters nebulously at the edges, at the corner of my eye--just outside my certain sight.