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Noun1.neck bone - one of 7 vertebrae in the human spine located in the neck regionneck bone - one of 7 vertebrae in the human spine located in the neck region
vertebra - one of the bony segments of the spinal column
cervix, neck - the part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body; "he admired her long graceful neck"; "the horse won by a neck"
atlas vertebra, atlas - the 1st cervical vertebra
axis vertebra, axis - the 2nd cervical vertebra; serves as a pivot for turning the head
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32%) cases fracture of neck bone seen where 8 number of cases had fracture of hyoid bone alone and in 1 case there was fracture of both hyoid and thyroid cartilage [Table 3].
Further, total hip and femoral neck bone mineral density measures in females was 3.
We recommend getting your grub on with Grandma Jean's BBQ Neck Bone Hash with new potatoes, braised fennel and poached eggs, the Organic Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with mapple syrup and whipped grass fet butter and the Grits & Pickled Tomatoes with fried prawns.
Women had to have total hip or femoral neck bone mineral density T scores less than or equal to -2.
Mr Bibb was taken to Swansea's Morriston Hospital where A&E consultant Mike McCabe said he had "massive swelling" to the forehead area, cuts, bruising, a scalp wound, at least four hammer wounds to the forehead and a fractured neck bone.
Femoral neck bone strength estimated by hip structural analysis(HAS) in Swedish Caucasians aged 6-90 years.
wHicH former US 11 president has broken a neck bone in a fall?
The neck bone found in Whitby is just under a foot long by about four inches wide and weighs in at two-and-a-half stone.
8 who had two measurements of femoral neck bone density and followed them from the second measure until death or through 2009 or 12 years of follow-up.
The BMI femoral neck bone mineral density vertebral fractures before treatment and T score at femoral neck did not show significant difference between zoledronic acid and placebo groups.
Mrs D's pressure ulcer formed as a result of a neck collar which had been fitted at Coventry's University Hospital after she damaged a neck bone in a fall from her wheelchair two months before her death.
Efficacy of resistance exercise on lumbar spine and femoral neck bone mineral density in premenopausal women: a meta-analysis of individual patient data.