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The line formed by the edge of a garment at or near the neck.


(Clothing & Fashion) the shape or position of the upper edge of a dress, blouse, etc: a plunging neckline.



the opening at the neck of a garment, often with reference to its shape or its position on the body: a V-neckline; a high neckline.
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Noun1.neckline - the line formed by the edge of a garment around the neckneckline - the line formed by the edge of a garment around the neck
blouse - a top worn by women
crew neck, crew neckline - a plain straight neckline opening from shoulder to shoulder of sweaters
decolletage - a low-cut neckline on a woman's dress
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
neck opening, neck - an opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer; a part of the garment near the wearer's neck
sweater, jumper - a crocheted or knitted garment covering the upper part of the body
تَقْويرَة القَبَّه


[ˈneklaɪn] Nescote m
with a low necklineescotado


[ˈnɛklaɪn] nencolure f
a dress with pale pink roses around the neckline → une robe avec des roses pales autour de l'encolure
plunging neckline → décolleté plongeant
a short black dress with a plunging neckline → une robe noire courte au décolleté plongeant


[ˈnɛkˌlaɪn] nscollatura


(nek) noun
1. the part of the body between the head and chest. She wore a scarf around her neck.
2. the part of an article of clothing that covers that part of the body. The neck of that shirt is dirty.
3. anything like a neck in shape or position. the neck of a bottle.
ˈnecklace (-ləs) noun
a string of jewels, beads etc worn around the neck. a diamond necklace.
ˈneckline noun
the edge of a piece of clothing at or around a person's neck. The dress has a very low neckline.
ˈnecktie noun
(American) a man's tie.
neck and neck
(in a race) exactly equal. The horses were neck and neck as they came up to the finish.
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Janney complimented the dress, with its plunging neckline and draping split sleeves, with ample diamonds -- prompting jaws to drop as she took the stage after winning the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "I, Tonya.
Wide waist, wide hips Go for clothing with a revealing neckline and that is looser around your waist and legs, such as flowy dresses without definite curves.
Compare the facing paper pattern to the sweatshirt center front and neckline; make adjustments to the pattern if necessary to follow the cut sweatshirt edge and neckline width.
The key to accessorising this style lies in letting the neckline grab all the attention.
UNDERWEAR SOLUTION Finding the perfect bra to wear with a deep, plunging neckline can be difficult but this lace number is perfect.
The singer, 39, wore a fitted sky-blue dress with a flounced neckline as she arrived at Wembley Arena in north west London.
The sparkling midi-dress featured eyecatching white ruffle detailing and a keyhole neckline.
Having an exposed neckline can also make you feel a little naked so by wearing you hair down you get that bit of coverage, and it's super glamorous too
uk) USED daily, after a few weeks, this specialist treatment works wonders for a sagging or fragile neckline.
The most slenderising neckline for you is one with a deep 'V'.
Salma Hayek Daring to bare with her deep neckline, oversized necklace, and bold make-up, Salma's look leaves us wondering why this sexy senorita would take such a fashion plunge?
Gaga's extreme neckline teamed with an oversized silk kimono and headpiece are far too much for our liking.