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 (nĕ-krōs′, -krōz′, nĕk′rōs′, -rōz′)
intr. & tr.v. ne·crosed, ne·cros·ing, ne·cros·es
To undergo or cause to undergo necrosis.

[Back-formation from necrosis.]
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The placental cyst had ruptured and could not be delineated separately from partially necrosed placenta.
Histopathologically, the necrosed surface was found detached and the edges of the wound had partial epithelization on day 7 in group I (fig 7).
Cerebral edema is followed by fibrous granulation and collagenous connective tissue (Ignatavicius & Workman, 2010) with necrosed areas becoming calcified (Montoya & Liesenfeld, 2004).
This is where the damaged and necrosed (dead) cells are removed from the area via the lymphatic system.
Bigger shoots responded satisfactorily to the treatments tested; however, it was observed that higher concentrations of IBA resulted in the mortality of shoots of smaller size, especially below 2 cm, which necrosed.
Apoptotic cell death is preferred over necrotic cell death, since necrosis is associated with sustained inflammatory cell damage caused when necrosed cells swell and undergo lysis to spew their cytoplasmic contents.
However, not all lipomas are homogeneous especially if traumatized or necrosed.
The complications of the operations must have been significant because presumably on occasions the slices of donor testicle would have necrosed and set up inflammatory or infectious complications.