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n. necrospermia, condición por la cual los espermatozoas del semen se encuentran sin vida o sin movimiento.
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Patients with azoospermia, total necrospermia, recurrent varicocele, and pituitary hormonal abnormalities (such as high LH, FSH denoting primary testicular failure) were excluded from the study.
1999a, 2001); or increased levels of asthenospermia, necrospermia, and teratospermia in farm sprayers who applied 2,4-D (Lerda and Rizzi 1991).
These three separate semen analyses showed that no more than 20% of motile sperm were attached to the immuno-beads, no culture-proven seminal tract infection was noted, and no obvious necrospermia was observed under supravital stain.