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Adj.1.nectar-rich - of plants that are rich in nectar
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The insects love nectar-rich plants like buddleia and lavender - but they must also have the right types of breeding grounds.
The insects love nectar-rich plants such as buddleia and lavender - but they must also have the right types of breeding grounds.
The scales may also provide insight into the early evolution of the insect's tubelike tongue, or proboscis, which the authors suggest evolved tens of millions of years before nectar-rich flowers existed.
ro burge butter e hav attra Butterfl fl inter they'r Flow stations th ener ki perennia Butterflies are fussy about flowers and are interested only if they're nectar-rich.
Fill your yard with native, nectar-rich flowering plants, including annuals and perennials, vines, shrubs, and trees.
Create a bed featuring wildflowers which will grow on poor soils, including meadow clary (Salvia pratensis) and red campion (Silene dioica) along with nectar-rich opencentred flowers including poppies, catmint, sedums and herbs such as lavender, mint and thyme.
GARDENERS are being urged to take simple steps such as cutting the grass less often and growing more nectar-rich flowers as part of efforts to help bees.
Birds need a wide range of plants to shelter and perch too, so they can make use of the feeders we provide in winter as well as the nectar-rich plants that attract insects in the summer.
Our garden is full of nectar-rich plants and, thankfully, there is still a wealth of wild flowers nearby.
As it began to rain, ants that had been safely scurrying over the fat, nectar-rich collars along the rim of a pitcher started slipping into the digestive lake within.