(ˈnid nt)
contraction of need not.
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A city neednt eradicate all poverty before considering acting on climate change.
Lang neednt have worried, said Gary Petersen, head of the Petersen Real Estate Team and an agent in Coldwell Banker Burnets Wayzata office.
But one neednt look far to resist that temptation, the Murphy & King shareholder is quick to add.
Only once had a team lost chasing at Seddon Park since 2002 but with New Zealands recent ODI record in a shambles, Pakistan neednt have worried about past results at the venue.
At least he neednt worry about the short-term effect on his mortgage of recent events in the financial sector.
The reason is that Sylvia Lynd who wished to review it herself has been intermittently ill since Easter--She kept it, hoping for a lucid interval in which to do it justice, but after an operation which she has had just lately passed it reluctantly on to me--I neednt say with what delight I read it, and how I wish I could have had an opportunity of expressing my [sincere?
The threats are strange, like all threats are--one neednt believe them, pay attention, yet one must.
Quinn was guilty of a miss that would have sealed the points soon after but he neednt have worried Baptiste punishing an error in the home defence with a close range strike.
Companies neednt worry about the quality of the applicants.
Its proven to be worse for health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day, but it can be overcome and neednt be a factor in older peoples lives.
ApAaAaAeA@ro really is just about an hour, but it neednt be cocktails th are served.
I have heard of many horrific accidents and it neednt be like this.