neem cake

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Noun1.neem cake - residue after oil is pressed from neem seeds
neem seed - seed of neem trees; source of pesticides and fertilizer and medicinal products
organic, organic fertiliser, organic fertilizer - a fertilizer that is derived from animal or vegetable matter
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Tenders invited for Neem cake, castor cake, furadon, glyphosate and plendimethylene (stomp)
Efficacy of neem oil and neem cake for the control of green leaf hoppers, brown plant hoppers and their effect on predators of brown plant hoppers.
1] = Soil application of FYM @ 100gm/pot+ Neem cake @ 100 gm+ seedling treatment with formulation of Azotobacter @ 5% + foliar spray of Mancozeb @ 0.
Study on the effect of Neem leaf extract and Neem cake extract on the performance of broiler chicks.
This study aimed to evaluate variations in spatial-temporal distributions of soil chemical attributes after the incorporation of neem cake in a guava orchard in the Pernambuco semiarid region.
The use of neem cake as a fertilizer and protector of plants have been been proposed, especially for sucking insects (Schmutterer, 1990) and diseases (Abbasi et al.
Urea is mixed five times of its weight with neem cake as it prolongs the availability of nitrogen to the crop plants.
The pouch was squeezed and the extract was filtered and khadi soap (soap with no detergent) was added at the rate of 1 mL/L water as an emulsifier One hundred grams of neem cake was added in water to make volume 1 L of solution (10 (Percent) to prepare neem cake extract (NSCE) The neem cake was put in a muslin pouch and soaked in water overnight.
Using ingredients that are OMRI and USDA approved, Secret Garden Pure Organic lawn fertilizer also contains neem cake as an overall plant health enhancer, and is fully safe for use around children and pets.
Tenders are invited for tender invited for neem cake and bone meal
1]), 75% RDN through inorganic fertilizer + 25% N through neem cake ([T.
Eight treatments evaluated for managing root knot nematode problem in tuberose and results indicated that Paecilomyces lilacinus, Trichoderma harzianum, neem cake, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Pochonia chlamydosporia were effective and economic for managing M.