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1. The act or process of negating.
2. A denial, contradiction, or negative statement.
3. The opposite or absence of something regarded as actual, positive, or affirmative.

ne·ga′tion·al adj.


involving negativescharacterized by negationnegative
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g For instance several earlier studies found that negational citations are rare(Moravscisk and Murugesan, 1975; Spiegel-Rusing, 1977)
In the context of summarizing Boulez's contact with Andre Souris--a Belgian musician, best remembered as a short-lived editor of Polyphonie and champion of surrealism--Campbell goes on to briefly assess whether surrealism had any lasting grip on Boulez and suggests that Andre Breton's attraction to negational thinking and use of binary oppositions may have sparked Boulez's interest in these practices, despite Boulez's jabs at him.
Previously, the word aim 'tribe' was mentioned; one can add such words as arbuja 'witch', nakrma 'to laugh', urg 'river'; Leivu has precise equivalents even to such grammatical words in Livonian as the prohibitive ala 'don't' and the preterite negational word is 'did not'.