negatively charged

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Adj.1.negatively charged - having a negative charge; "electrons are negative"
charged - of a particle or body or system; having a net amount of positive or negative electric charge; "charged particles"; "a charged battery"
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The molecule contains two negatively charged ions, which was originally regarded as impossible since it defied a nearly 250-year-old chemical law, and has only recently come under new scrutiny.
The drops become superheated and negatively charged, which creates ideal conditions for making nanoproducts, researchers demonstrate October 29 in Nature Communications.
Each of the PLGA nanoparticles is given either a positively charged coating made of chitosan (a biocompatible material normally found in shrimp shells), or a negatively charged coating made of alginate (a biocompatible material normally found in seaweed).
16 -- Goldplating is a process where a metal in solution is deposited onto an electrode that is negatively charged relative to the solution.
Clear the Air utilizes anions, which are negatively charged particles that can attract positively charged ions.
The newest theory is that these rings, of which there are approximately 8000 in Canada, are caused by large, underground, naturally occurring, negatively charged electrochemical cells that are situated over methane or other electronegative chemicals.
The experimental cooling device, fabricated on top of a mock computer chip, works by generating ions using negatively charged cathodes and a positively charged anode positioned above the cathodes.
Casein and soy proteins were negatively charged with ZP before they were heated.
The Stablo EX two-way ionizer is said to generate a balanced mix of positively and negatively charged ions that eliminate static on laboratory samples, allowing them to be weighed accurately with high repeatability, according to the company.
Particles called--flow from a negatively charged area in a cloud to a positively charged area to form lightning.
As the spray is atomized, the negatively charged droplets are carried in an air stream toward the target.
particles gaths of the cloud tively charged that are negatively charged gather at the The cloud circuit and created as flashes from top to bottom.