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also neg·li·gée or neg·li·gé  (nĕg′lĭ-zhā′, nĕg′lĭ-zhā′)
A woman's loose dressing gown, often of soft, delicate fabric.

[French négligé, deshabille, negligee, from past participle of négliger, to neglect, from Latin neglegere; see neglect.]






1. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman's light dressing gown, esp one that is lace-trimmed
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a thin and revealing woman's nightdress
3. (Clothing & Fashion) any informal attire
[C18: from French négligée, past participle (fem) of négliger to neglect]


or neg•li•gée or neg•li•gé

(ˌnɛg lɪˈʒeɪ, ˈnɛg lɪˌʒeɪ)

n., pl. -gees or -gées or -gés.
1. a woman's dressing gown or robe, usu. of sheer, soft fabric.
2. easy, informal attire.
[1745–55, Amer.; < French négligé neglected, past participle of négliger < Latin]


A women’s loose, light dressing gown.
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Noun1.negligee - a loose dressing gown for womennegligee - a loose dressing gown for women  
brunch coat - a woman's short housecoat or wrapper
camisole - a short negligee
woman's clothing - clothing that is designed for women to wear
ohut aamutakki
áo khoác mặc ở nhà của phụ nữ


[ˈneglɪʒeɪ] N
1. (= nightdress etc) → salto m de cama, negligé m
2. (= housecoat) → bata f, negligé m


[ˈnɛglɪʒeɪ] ndéshabillé m


[ˈnɛglɪˌʒeɪ] nnégligé m inv


رَوّبٌ نِسَائِيّ negližé negligé Negligé νεγκλιζέ negligé, picardía ohut aamutakki négligé negliže camicia da notte 化粧着 네글리제 negligé neglisjé negliż négligé неглиже negligé เสื้อคลุมของสตรีส่วนมากมีชายทำด้วยลูกไม้ gecelik áo khoác mặc ở nhà của phụ nữ 妇女长睡衣
References in classic literature ?
Tink," he rapped out, "if you don't get up and dress at once I will open the curtains, and then we shall all see you in your negligee [nightgown].
My lady will be sitting in her boudoir, very much in negligee, about now.
When she turned on the lights in the drawing-room, she disclosed herself clad in a sweeping negligee gown of soft rose-colored stuff, throat and shoulders smothered in lace.
It is just that we will probably be pairing ours with something a little more substantial than a lace negligee and bare legs.
She has experience of being a judge and wearing a negligee, which always goes down well with Cowell.
beaucoup moins que] La torture demeure egalement une pratique courante [beaucoup plus grand que], fustige la REMDH indiquant que [beaucoup moins que] la situation des droits economiques et sociaux est negligee et les libertes individuelles et publiques sont limitees par des controles de police draconiens [beaucoup plus grand que].
London, October 26 ( ANI ): Vivien Leigh's iconic pale blue negligee, which her character Scarlett O'Hara wore in 'Gone With The Wind', has been put up for auction.
Lingerie came in second with 32%, followed by a negligee at 27%, borrowed men''s clothing 22%.
The songstress works a negligee dress with simple grey sandals and a cream clutch.
Les cheikhs des tribus sinaitiques confirment que la presence intensifiee de l'Armee et de la Police n'a pas empeche les elements terroristes de se repandre, c'est pourquoi la stabilite et la reconstruction s'averent comme etant les moyens les plus efficaces a mettre un terme aux complots des terroristes, etant donne que cette region a ete longuement negligee.
Holly Willoughby has stripped down to stockings, negligee and heels for a sexy new photoshoot.
Other celebrity memorabilia up for grabs includes a robe worn by Amy Winehouse in the Rehab video, a negligee owned by Madonna and an Olympic torch signed by boxing legend Mohammed Ali.