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v. ne·go·ti·at·ed, ne·go·ti·at·ing, ne·go·ti·ates
To confer with another or others in order to come to terms or reach an agreement: "It is difficult to negotiate where neither will trust" (Samuel Johnson).
1. To arrange or settle by discussion and mutual agreement: negotiate a contract.
2. To transfer (an instrument, such as a promissory note) to another party by means of endorsement.
a. To succeed in going over or through: negotiate a sharp curve.
b. To succeed in accomplishing or managing: negotiate a difficult musical passage.

[Latin negōtiārī, negōtiāt-, to transact business, from negōtium, business : neg-, not; see ne in Indo-European roots + ōtium, leisure.]

ne·go′ti·a′tor n.
ne·go′tia·to′ry (-shə-tôr′ē, -shē-ə-) adj.


A. Nnegociación f
B. CPD [strategy] → negociador; [skills] → de negociación
negotiating table Nmesa f de negociaciones
to sit (down) at the negotiating tablesentarse a la mesa de negociaciones
References in classic literature ?
But what all England did not know De Vac had gleaned from scraps of conversation dropped in the armory: that Henry was even now negotiating with the leaders of foreign mercenaries, and with Louis IX of France, for a sufficient force of knights and menat-arms to wage a relentless war upon his own barons that he might effectively put a stop to all future interference by them with the royal prerogative of the Plantagenets to misrule England.
He waited for a moment of steadiness before negotiating the three steps of the inside ladder from rail to deck; and the watchman, taught by experience, would forbear offering help which would be received as an insult at that particular stage of the mate's return.
As it happens, existing government negotiating practices with healthcare providers and drug makers are not the fabulous models suggested by advocates.
If you're interested in learning more about negotiating a contract, be sure to check out Sue Cejka's Web lecture.
Expert negotiator, George Donohue, has taught the art of negotiating around the world for years, but only recently published his first book on the topic, Real Estate Dealmaking: A Property Investor's Guide to Negotiating.
Essays are titled "Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks: From Oslo to Camp David II", "Surviving Opportunities: Palestinian Negotiating Patterns in Peace Talks with Israel", and "Israeli Negotiating Culture".
City officials said the negotiating process is laid out in the City Charter and further governed by state and federal law.
Although limited published research is available on officers negotiating with fellow officers, crisis negotiations involving law enforcement personnel do occur.
Moreover, these BITs are not tied to other countries' preferences as would happen in a multilateral agreement, or used as a negotiating tool to achieve other market access objectives.
The site describes how comparing and negotiating interest rates, fees, and other payment terms may help consumers get the best financing and possibly save thousands of dollars, whether the purpose is for a home purchase, refinancing, or home equity loan.
These goals and expectations need to be accurately evaluated in order to avoid the desperation inherent in negotiating merely to survive.
Pink Sheets:LOMJ), announces a landmark decision to initially release its proprietary live negotiating technology into virtually every industry worldwide accommodating everything from cars, boats, jewelry, real estate to books and even your kitchen sink.

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