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Having or exhibiting the qualities of a friendly neighbor.

neigh′bor·li·ness n.


(ˈneɪ bər li)

having or showing qualities befitting a neighbor; friendly.
neigh′bor•li•ness, n.
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Adj.1.neighborly - exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor
friendly - characteristic of or befitting a friend; "friendly advice"; "a friendly neighborhood"; "the only friendly person here"; "a friendly host and hostess"


Of or befitting a friend or friends:
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Across the valley, and apparently quite neighborly and close at hand, the giant form of the Jungfrau rose cold and white into the clear sky, beyond a gateway in the nearer highlands.
Shelby, now, mebbe won't think this yer the most neighborly thing in the world; but what's a feller to do?
Founded in 1981 and based in Waco, Texas, Dwyer Group is a holding company of 20 service-based brands, 18 of which support franchise organisations under the umbrella brand Neighborly in the United States and Neighbourly in Canada.
At the beginning of the meeting, the collocutors emphasized the importance of the development of good neighborly relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia, with mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields of common interest.
Neighborly Corporation, a San Francisco-based public finance technology platform, has announced it is partnering with the UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab, and Berkeley elected officials, to launch the Berkeley Blockchain Initiative (BBI), the company said.
Bulgaria can do a lot for its good neighborly relations.
We would not achieve anything without a good neighborly relations," the Tajik diplomat said.
The idea of good neighborly relations in the Western Balkans is realistic despite the many challenges, experts say.
Neighborly Volunteers (NV) are dedicated to mobilize and empower neighborly-minded volunteers willing to pledge their skills and enthusiasm in response to requests made by senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the disadvantage to inspect and replace consumable items in and around their home for safer living conditions.
At a meeting Wednesday, the Bulgarian government also approved the text of the agreement on good neighborly relations with Macedonia.
This is a serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty, which is not consistent with the good neighborly relations between Iraq and Turkey," the statement said.
NEIGHBOURLY LOVE NEIGHBORLY LOVE TWO other titans of European football meet again this weekend as France host Germany.