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1. The retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of a species, as among certain amphibians. Also called pedomorphism, pedomorphosis.
2. The attainment of sexual maturity and subsequent reproduction by an organism still in its larval stage. Also called pedogenesis2.

[New Latin neotenia : neo- + Greek teinein, ten-, to extend; see tenesmus.]

ne′o·ten′ic (nē′ə-tĕn′ĭk, -tē′nĭk), ne·ot′e·nous (-ŏt′n-əs) adj.
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Adj.1.neotenic - of or relating to or characterized by neoteny; "neotenic development"
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Gallese focuses on the neotenic character of individuals to lend further support to the importance of an embodied approach, particularly as this framework allows us to better understand nonpropositional forms of communication and social understanding.
The life cycle of female mealybugs consists of an egg, often laid inside a filamentous ovisac, 3 nymphal stages, and a wingless neotenic adult stage (Franco et al.
The neotenic amphibians are species that present a phyletically truncated development with absence of a complete metamorphosis, as well known in Ambystomatidae family (Reilly & Brandon, 1994), this species of ambystomatidae like mole salamanders retaining larval characteristics, what has been described as an adaptation to aquatic life (Reilly & Brandon).
Same as the macropterous female, but with neotenic characters as follows: Forewings scale-like, with dense field of microspines throughout the surface, with no trace of venation (Fig.
These eels are known only from leptocephalus larvae, but some have been found with developing eggs, leading to speculation that the species is either neotenic or the adult stage is extremely short-lived (Eschmeyer and others 1983; Mecklenburg and others 2002).
Orbicule production by tapetal cells in a secretory metabolic phase can be interpreted as a primitive, possibly neotenic feature in flowering plants since orbicules occur also in bryophytes, pteridophytes and gymnosperms.
dumerilli is neotenic and completely aquatic throughout its life.
That these neotenic changes resulted from genetically controlled alterations in friendly behavior may suggest that to humans, facial beauty signals an individual's relatively greater level of approachability and sociability.
Ultrastructure of previtellogene oocytes in the neotenic cave salamander Proteus anguinus anguinus (Amphibia, Urodela, Proteidae).
Eurycea naufragia is a permanently neotenic species, and most salamanders we observed were adults (we rarely encountered juveniles in our surveys).
Preliminary studies on the control of neotenic formation in Mastotermes darwiniensis Froggatt (Isoptera).
In both groups the females are neotenic, lacking ocelli, or these at most represented by light spots, the coxal organ is little developed or absent, and t1 of hind legs lacks ctenidobothria.