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n. pl. ne·re·i·des (nə-rē′ĭ-dēz′)

[Latin Nērēïs, Nereid; see Nereid.]


(Animals) any polychaete worm of the genus Nereis. See ragworm
[C18: from Latin; see Nereid1]
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2011); Pierella nereis (Drury, 1782) in Alagoas and Bahia (Cardoso 1949; Zacca et al.
and 50 unidentified to species), parts of at least 53 shrimp (all from the family Crangonidae, including 26 Sclerocrangon boreas), and 11 polychaetes (8 Nereis spp.
2008) reported differences in developmental effects between polychaete worms exposed to the same concentrations of oil; a significant effect was seen with respect to Nereis virens development, but not for Arenicola marina.
Zhou QX, Rainbow PS, Smith BD (2003) Comparative study of the tolerance and accumulation of the trace metals zinc, copper and cadmium in three populations of the polychaete Nereis diversicolor.
monroi Fauchald, 1970 x S tetraura Schmarda 1860 x x MALDANIDAE Axiothella rubrocincta Johnson, 1901 x Axiothella sp Verril, 1900 x Clymenura gracilis Moore, 1923 x Euclymeninae sp A Ardwidsson, 1906 x Isocirrus longiceps Moore, 1923 x Maldane sp x NEPHTYIDAE Nephtys caecoides Hartman, 1938 x x Nephtys sp x NEREIDIDAE Neanthes caudata delle Chiaje, 1828 x x Nereis latescens Chamberlin, 1919 x N.
Why is Estes keeping such a close eye on this California sea otter, or Enhydra lutris nereis (en-HY-dra LOO-tris NEAR-ee-iss)?
Comparison of stable carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures of the polychaete Nereis diversicolor from different estuarine sites.
Five clam worms, Nereis virens, were also observed among the mass of epibenthic organisms.
In an upcoming issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers compare the bloodworm's jaws to those of the clam worm, Nereis limbata, a sand- and mud-dwelling scavenger.
Yoldia limatula, a group of suspension-feeding marine clams, and Nereis diversicolor, a predatory marine polychaete will be added to sediment microcosms and a series of scans performed to determine how the infauna alters porosity.
de Nereis (whom the young men in the area call Woolly-Leg) is constantly careening down the road behind a wild mare.