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Adv.1.nervily - in a brash cheeky manner; "brashly, she asked for a rebate"
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Salomon Rondon's persistence down the left channel paid off, earning a fourth minute corner Stoke nervily defended at the far post.
The scores were tied with one Abbott over to go but Chris Jordan and David Willey fell to consecutive balls, the latter nervily run out.
At a nervily compact 74 minutes, "A Monster With a Thousand Heads" often feels as if It's unfolding in real time--even as necessary narrative logistics dictate otherwise.
Chester's candlelit inspection of Hugh, in which he passes the light "across and across" (227) the sleeping face of his illegitimate son, is as nervily compulsive as David Copperfield's nocturnal scrutiny of Uriah Heep.
I started very nervily, but managed to calm down after a few holes and I'm just glad to have got the job done in the end.
A proud Scot, Wilson enjoyed a long-running rivalry with Bristow the "Crafty Cockney", nervily edging him 6-4 after being 5-0 up in the classic world final of 1989.
The Los Angeles Times calls the show "unexpectedly, almost nervily touching," and Rudolph told the New York Times she gets anxious as a parent, citing "that lovely Jewish guilt that comes with ancestry" (premiere: Sept.
Pakistan's chase started nervily, Yasir Hameed falling to a golden duck in the first over - Anderson was the bowler and a juggling Swann the catcher at slip.