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Adv.1.nervily - in a brash cheeky manner; "brashly, she asked for a rebate"
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I started very nervily, but managed to calm down after a few holes and I'm just glad to have got the job done in the end.
A proud Scot, Wilson enjoyed a long-running rivalry with Bristow the "Crafty Cockney", nervily edging him 6-4 after being 5-0 up in the classic world final of 1989.
Things started nervily, with just four minutes gone when Alex Song mis-controlled the ball under pressure from Loic Remy, who briefly looked as though he would have a clear run on goal.
Pakistan's chase started nervily, Yasir Hameed falling to a golden duck in the first over - Anderson was the bowler and a juggling Swann the catcher at slip.