nervous exhaustion

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Noun1.nervous exhaustion - an emotional disorder that leaves you exhausted and unable to work
nervous breakdown - a severe or incapacitating emotional disorder
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Rosamond had been prepared for Will's visit, and she received him with a languid coldness which Lydgate accounted for by her nervous exhaustion, of which he could not suppose that it had any relation to Will.
In these days of insidious nervous exhaustion and subtly-spreading nervous malady, is it not possible that the same rule may apply, less rarely than we are willing to admit, to the bodily gifts as well?
This is an effect of nervous exhaustion," he reflected with weary sagacity.
Then, in March, 1915, the regular captain of the Lusitania, Daniel Dow, suffering from nervous exhaustion as a result of the submarine threat to shipping, was relieved of command and Cunard appointed William Turner to take over.
Mel B's spokesman declined to comment on speculation that the mum of three is suffering from nervous exhaustion.
While Effi Briest is recovering there from her recurrent nervous exhaustion, her husband discovers letters at their home in Berlin that show she has had an affair.
As our body realises this and returns to its previous state, the toll this takes on our bodies can lead to nervous exhaustion over time.
In October 2009, I was diagnosed with severe nervous exhaustion and a doctor recommended the Mayr Clinic in Austria.
The two actresses have claimed that they were on the verge of nervous exhaustion while filming the 10-minute, highly graphical sex scene that took "10 days to shoot.
A The fact you are experiencing nervous exhaustion could be the reason you are catching cold after cold.
Yes, it's that time of year when entire schools decamp for the day to a stately home or theme park to see how many teachers their pupils can bring to the edge of nervous exhaustion.