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1. One, such as a bird, that nests.
2. Western US A squatter, homesteader, or farmer who settles in cattle-grazing territory.
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Noun1.nester - someone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it
colonist, settler - a person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country
2.nester - a bird that has built (or is building) a nest
bird - warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
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As they passed in triumph through the village they were cheered by the men, women, and children, collected as usual on the tops of the lodges, and were exhorted by the Nesters of the village to be generous in their dealings with the white men.
Mehran Khan, Nester Dhamba and Sanuth Mohammed Ibrahim all claimed two wickets apiece.
Nester sets out to tell the story of the Seven Years' War from the French perspective, apparently convinced that every English-language history of the war has been told largely through British and American eyes, and that the best books on the subject in French were written over a century ago.
In the latest volume of his study of American power, The Age of Jackson and the Art of Power, William Nester argues that Jackson "dominated his age for many reasons but ultimately because he had mastered the art of power.
Nester expands on this by vividly recounting Clark's efforts to secure the lands beyond the Appalachian Mountains for the United States in this new book.
Nester reveals his ideological preconceptions in the book's Introduction and its final chapter entitled "Legacy," where he compares Jackson to the hated George W.
Handling the conversion of branded drugs to generics is one of the biggest supply-chain challenges for pharmacy retailers, says senior vice president of supply chain Wilson nester.
REFEREE Danny Nester has kicked-off his 44th year officiating in the Belle Vale Junior League.
The Retracta coils are based on the construction of Cook Medical's Nester coils, and use platinum technology to allow soft packing of the coil.
SEC spokesman John Nester said only that "an individual" had raised the allegations.
No lumbering operation was better equipped to build the champion load of logs than the Nester Estate in the Upper Peninsula.
In an email to NetVU members, Gray Nester, NetVU chairman and senior vice president at BB&T Insurance Services, says the organization has eliminated "the leadership role of chief executive officer in lieu of executive director"