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Noun1.nesting place - a place suitable for nesting
place, spot, topographic point - a point located with respect to surface features of some region; "this is a nice place for a picnic"; "a bright spot on a planet"
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The Leatherback - the largest species of living turtle - is thought to have come from French Guiana on the north-east coast of South America - a popular nesting place for the specie.
In wild areas of the garden it is best to leave the dense canopy to scramble over a tree stump so it can be used as a nesting place for birds.
Rojas was a single mother to her then two-year-old daughter and worked at His Nesting Place, a church and women's shelter, when she disappeared, her lawyers said.
Its home, too, to imperiled plant life, like the jeweled shootingstar and golden corydalis, and the bluffs had been a nesting place for Pennsylvania endangered peregrine falcons.
Eugene Backyard Farmer, an urban farming supply store, has offered to shelter the chickens at its "luxury chicken hotel," The Nesting Place, he said.
its housing by applying force perpendicular to its nesting place is extremely
Karachi -- Clean environment along sea shores and at islands is prerequisite to provide safe, secure and nesting place for the turtles especially during the ensuing breeding season as this species is increasingly endangered with the rising sea water pollution and amount of litter at the shore.
During the beach cleaning activity approximately two tons of litter was collected and disposed of to create safe nesting place for the turtles during the ensuing breeding season.
Why is the grandest commercial district ever to be conceived, known as Entertainment City, reserved for leisure, recreation, and a nesting place for Lady Luck?
The focus here is on understanding backyard bird habits and needs--and here Bill Thompson III answers a wealth of questions on all aspects of attracting birds to one's garden, from feeders and the right foods to providing a safe nesting place.
He said: "I would like you to answer one question: what are your thoughts regarding the inhuman system of the drone aeroplanes that are being tested on another estuary in Wales, at Aberporth, the only place eight in the countries of Britain that provides a nesting place for these birds of death for training purposes?