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A variation of the CRUT, called a net income CRUT, pays the donor the lesser of the net income of the trust or the unitrust amount.
a net income tax on the income derived within such State by any person from interstate commerce if the only business activities within such State by or on behalf of such person during such taxable year are either, or both, of the following:
Equity earning levels such as net income, cash flow (net income plus depreciation and amortization) and equity book value represent funds available for distribution to common equity investors.
Ethyl, based in Richmond, VA, saw its net income jump 23% from 1991's total of $206.
For comparison, table 4 also presents the ratios of net income to assets and net income to equity for the affiliated bank subsidiaries and the consolidated holding companies.
Net income for the fourth quarter of 2006 includes a $107,000 gain resulting from the reversal of the allowance for doubtful accounts, and a $101,000 expense for stock compensation related to the exercising of stock options and the adoption of a new accounting standard, FAS-123R.
According to a recent IRS Research Bulletin, the aggregate gap between book income and taxable differences continues to generate a sizeable gap in net income per books and net taxable income.
Part III is a 37-line "Reconciliation of Net Income (Loss) per Income Statement of Includible Corporations With Taxable Income per Return--Income (Loss) Items" and has the following four columns:
in Beverly Hills reported a 22 percent rise in net income to $19.
VANGUARD INDEX TRUST/EXTENDED MARKET PORTFOLIO -- an annual distribution from ordinary net income in the amount of $0.
33% increase in annual net income (using 2005 net income from continuing operations and excluding the sale of the leasehold interest and the settlement of litigation)," said Joe Martori, Chairman and CEO.