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The early afternoon was mild and hazy, and unlike winter but for the prematurely low sun struggling through the haze, as Raffles and I emerged from the nether regions at Westminster Bridge, and stood for one moment to admire the infirm silhouettes of Abbey and Houses in flat gray against a golden mist.
Whether guilty or innocent, it was as if old de Barral had been down to the Nether Regions.
I can't tell you how many times the nether region exams have been teachable moments with cleansing, wiping, how to properly urinate if you're overweight (girls), and hygiene in general.
Getting on TV is an achievement in the eyes of some characters, even if it was only because they are the proud owner of a deformed nether region.
doctoral candidate in sociology and social policy), "America's Missing Class" consists of those approximately 57 million Americans living in the nether region above the official poverty line but well below economic security--those households earning roughly between $20,000 and $40,000 for a family of four.
But this writer of bad Westerns arrives in Vienna just in time to catch Lime's burial and to fall through the looking glass into a nether region populated by spies, smugglers, and assasins.
WIDE OF THE MARK Is a capital letter An envelope full of cash I think perhaps a hyphen Is a sprint or a dash Is a semicolon Half a back passage Another football metaphor A nether region jazz age Is it hell at Number 10?
After giving Carey Hart's nether region a good tug, a crophaired Pink went on to perform hits including So What
However, rarely do we see a fighter hospitalized, let alone brought to tears after getting hit in the nether regions.
How was it that Abedin, who appears so charismatic and disciplined, remains married to Weiner, a hothead who has a propensity to document his nether regions on social media?
That is why I'd make jokes before my jumps" Ex-ski jumper Eddie the Eagle Edwards "A Muslim extremist told me he was going to behead me and do unspeakable things to my nether regions.
If you dream of something, if you have ambitions and you are willing to work hard, you can achieve your dreams Mo Farah A Muslim extremist told me he was going to behead me and do unspeakable things to my nether regions.