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net 1

1. An openwork fabric made of threads or cords that are woven or knotted together at regular intervals.
2. Something made of openwork fabric, especially:
a. A device for capturing birds, fish, or insects.
b. A barrier against flying insects.
c. A mesh for holding the hair in place.
d. Something that entraps; a snare.
e. A fine mesh fabric used as curtain or dress material or as the foundation for various laces.
3. Sports
a. A barrier of meshwork cord or rope strung between two posts to divide a court in half, as in tennis and badminton.
b. A ball that is hit into this meshwork barrier.
c. The goal in soccer, hockey, and lacrosse.
d. The cord meshwork attached to the hoop of a basket in basketball.
4. A meshed network of lines, figures, or fibers.
5. Computers A complex, interconnected group or system, as:
a. or Net The internet.
b. See network.
6. A radio, television, or telephone network.
tr.v. net·ted, net·ting, nets
1. To catch or ensnare in a net: net fish.
2. To acquire or obtain: an investment that netted a hefty profit; a personal ad that netted a dozen responses.
3. To cover, protect, or surround with a net or network: "The heart [is] netted with a maze of curving blood vessels that send blood through it in swirling patterns" (Jennifer Ackerman).
4. Sports
a. To hit (the ball) into the net, as in volleyball.
b. To shoot (the ball or puck) into the goal, as in soccer or hockey.
c. To score (a goal).

[Middle English, from Old English; see ned- in Indo-European roots. N., sense 5a, short for Internet.]

net′ter n.

net 2

1. Business
a. Remaining after all deductions have been made, as for expenses: net profit.
b. Remaining after tare is deducted: net weight.
2. Ultimate; final: the net result.
1. Business A net amount, as of profit or weight.
2. The main point; the essence: the net of our discussion.
tr.v. net·ted, net·ting, nets
1. To bring in or yield as profit.
2. To clear as profit.

[Middle English, elegant, remaining after deductions, from Old French, elegant, and from Old Italian netto, remaining after deductions, both from Latin nitidus, clean, elegant; see neat1.]
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Adj.1.netted - having open interstices or resembling a webnetted - having open interstices or resembling a web
reticular, reticulate - resembling or forming a network; "the reticulate veins of a leaf"; "a reticulated highway system"
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In effect, once a tax year is included in a global netting computation, the netted interest amount would be reflected and would generally not be subject to future adjustment.
When payments are settled on a net basis, the parties to the payments offset the amounts they are due to pay and receive with each other (or with a central party, or clearinghouse) and maintain a running balance of the netted amounts.
If the debts are not offset or netted, however, the taxpayer could pay a whopping 4-1/2 percent differential on the interest it pays on the $100 it owes for 1986 as compared with the interest it receives on the $100 the Government owes the taxpayer for 1985 even though there is no true net debt (as of March 15, 1987) owed to the Government.