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 (no͝o-răl′jə, nyo͝o-)
Sharp, severe paroxysmal pain extending along a nerve or group of nerves.

neu·ral′gic adj.
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Adj.1.neuralgic - of or relating to or suffering from neuralgia; "neuralgic pains"


[njʊˈrældʒɪk] ADJneurálgico


a. neurálgico-a, rel. a la neuralgia.
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I see in my niece's face, I feel in my niece's pulse, that one of her violent neuralgic attacks has come on again.
Lecount could throw an instant's doubt on the genuineness of the neuralgic attack, her master's fidgety sympathy declared itself exactly as the captain had anticipated, in the most active manifestations.
And even then I have what feels like electrical shocks going through my left leg and I suffer neuralgic pain all the time.
The better explanations are: (a) the president is infatuated with authoritarians, at least those who flatter him; (b) he's neurotically neuralgic when it comes to the subject of his election; (c) he's ideologically sympathetic to Putinism, with its combination of economic corporatism, foreign-policy cynicism and violent hostility to critics; (d) he's stupid; or (e) he's vulnerable to Russian blackmail.
Instead, said McElroy, party identification has become synonymous with unyielding convictions on "deeply neuralgic issues" from "morality in public life to racism to patriotism" and the like.
In Pakistan, the reaction was neuralgic because the U.
6,7) Isolated clinical comorbidities * Laryngomalacia * Subglottic stenosis * Subdural hematoma * Central nervous system malformations including Arnold Chiari malformation * Arthrogryposis * Facial dysmorphic features * Velopharyngeal insufficiency * Hypotonia/myopathy * Ear deformities/sensorineural hearing loss Syndromic associations * Robinow syndrome * Goldenhar syndrome * Down syndrome * Williams syndrome * DiGeorge syndrome * Mobius syndrome * Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (type 1, 1b and 2) * JS-X syndrome * Hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy * Congenital myasthenic syndrome
According to relevant scientific research (24,25), it is not a general rule that neuralgic pain is predominant in the elderly, however, in older age, there is a significantly increased risk of developing trigeminal neuralgia after hypertension.
Air terminal will transform Kigali into a neuralgic point for businesses, travels and transportion and it will be built in four stages; the first one will last for 27 months and will cost an estimate $ 400 million.
The issue is still deeply neuralgic, however, and could collapse talks early.
Objective: The purpose of this paper is to describe chiropractic management of a patient with neuralgic amyotrophy (NA) and to provide discussion regarding presentation, differential diagnosis, management and prognosis of idiopathic NA.
AEDs are also commonly used therapy for other conditions like prophylaxis for a manic-depressive disorder, [3] to relieve neuralgic pain, and for many more conditions apart from epilepsy.