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Adj.1.neuroanatomic - of or relating to neural tissue or the nervous system
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While genes determine the basic neuroanatomic organisation of the brain, the internal model that categorises experience develops gradually as the child grows.
The spread of PrP within the brain appears to occur in cell-to-cell fashion in well-defined neuroanatomic pathways (23), the mechanisms of which are yet to be elucidated despite extensive studies.
Similar to our findings, in a previous study it was suggested that neuroanatomic measures in the brain may be different among schizophrenia subtypes.
Whatever the neuroanatomic correlate may be, it results in isolated binasal visual field defects without identifiable structural abnormality of the optic chiasm, optic nerve, or postchiasmal visual pathways.
However once I did, I was quickly convinced of its inherent advantages: bone preservation, decreased bone bleeding, and consequently, less blood loss, and the preservation of the delicate neuroanatomic structures.
The grey matter hyperintensities are thought to be representing disruptive communication in critical neuroanatomic pathways, leading to a higher risk of suicide attempts.
Based on the left-sided head tilt, vestibular ataxia, abnormal nystagmus, and normal postural reactions, the neuroanatomic diagnosis was consistent with left-sided peripheral vestibular dysfunction.
A tractography study in dyslexia: Neuroanatomic correlates of orthographic, phonological and speech processing.
Knowledge of examination techniques, movement disorder phenomenology, and neuroanatomic and pathophysiologic correlates of relevant disorders is assumed.
Neuroanatomic observations of the brain in autism: a review and future directions.
gov/pubmed/17944174) wrote in the journal Cutis in 2007 that Lichtenberg figures "do not correspond to known vascular or neuroanatomic patterns.